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I am a professional ski instructor and alpine race coach. In the winter time I am based in Courchevel France and work for New Generation Ski and School and in the summer I split my time between coaching up on the European glaciers and UK-Snowdomes. I also do some personal training, a little bit of web design and graphic design. In between all that I do lots of fun stuff like catching up with friends / family, messing about with my camera, running, travelling, surfing and crushing people on tennis courts.

I have skied from a young age and have been a qualified BASI ski instructor since 16 years of age.  From a young age I use to regularly compete in dry ski slope alpine ski races around the north west of England and North Wales for Merseyside Ski Club.  During my late teens despite my best efforts I realized I did not have the correct level of resources and natural ability to take my skiing on to an elite level.  At which point I decided to channel my passion for skiing into a career within the Snowsports industry….best decision ever.

Over the years I have tailored my education to enhance my coaching and instructing skills.  This was the reason I decided to study sport and exercise science at Liverpool John Moores University, which was the first university in the UK to research and teach sport and exercises sciences. At university I gained an in depth understanding in all aspects of sport science including nutrition and supplementation, biomechanics, sport psychology and my specialist area of human anatomy and performance physiology.

After graduating in 2006 with a 2:1 I enrolled on a 12-week intensive training program, qualifying me as a reps level 3 Personal Trainer and sports injury massage therapist.  I chose to do this because although my degree had taught me a great deal on the science behind how the body responds to sport and exercise, I felt lacked the hands on knowledge of how to physically train people.

From 2007-2011 I worked as a senior ski instructor and race coach for chill factor e.  Looking back now I take great professional pride in my role at Chill Factor e.  I worked as part of a small team of coaches setting up and running a extremely successful academy pathway for young people to initially learn to ski and then with the possibility to go on and  compete for Chill Factor e Alpine Race Team across Europe at junior races .  Many of the children I have coach and continue to coach are amongst the best in their age categories within the UK and Europe.  I also worked closely with other trainee ski instructors at Chill Factor e, helping mentor them through their ski instructor exams.

More recently I have been working as a full time ski instructor for New Generation Ski School in the 3 Valleys France and a part time race coach across other areas of Europe.  I have gained the highest possible level of qualification within the Snowsports industry, BASI level 4 ISTD.  If you are interested in booking me to do some skiing or personal training then please drop me a email.

Outside of sports I am a bit of Sci-Fi fan, as you might of guessed from my back ground picture.  I am also interested in art and graphic design, fashion, photography, film and music……although I do not claim to be a authority in any of these. My main problem is that I have a complete lack on talent and understanding and I have a dodgy dress sense, if it wasn’t for these facts I would be really good.  I will let you make your own mind up though, I post all of my arty things on my Tumblr and Instagram accounts, be gentle.

I am sure there are other things that might be worthy of writing down about me….like I am a half decent runner (got big plans for my running), but I guess most people have stopped reading by now, if not well done you.

Have a browse around my blog, enjoy some of my pictures, cool stuff I find and videos I post.  Drop me a email if you want to do some skiing or personal training….or just to say hi.


Mr Potato Mountain Head.